Peace & Love SpringFest, Sat., April 15

1:00 – 11:00 pm
270 Arizona Ave. NE Atl. 30307
Suggested donation $10; teens, $1; kids under 12, free
A family-friendly event, rain or shine!
Face painting, bake sale, raffle.
(See music lineup below.)

 Please respect our Land Trust and our neighbors!
Take MARTA, carpool, walk, ride your bike
If you drive, park at Clifton Sanctuary,
369 Connecticut Ave.

Do not block driveways or move orange cones
Invite all your friends
Recycle recyclables and throw away trash
in marked containers

Cigarette smoking only in designated area,
now the cul-de-sac

Bring your own re-usable plate and utensils and get $1.00 off your meal
Bring your own re-usable cup, too
Visit our Land Trust info table and sign up to be a 2017 Supporter for $10
Support our vendors
Keep your voices down when leaving 
Thank you for your peace, love and support

VOLUNTEER!  We love our volunteers and couldn’t do these events without them. Please contact Brynan for volunteer opportunities, brynan1865@yahoo.com.

Here is our amazing lineup:

LadyBug Events Presents . . . The Traveling Garden Variety Shoe Show
A whimsical imaginative production that is sure to educate and enchant young audiences. The Garden Variety Shoe is a literal 6-by-10-foot shoe stage that is reminiscent of the classic nursery rhyme of the old woman who lived in a shoe. Springing forth from the various windows and doors audiences will encounter hand-made puppets, funny figures, and interactive characters.

1:45-2:15  7-Thirty
7-Thirty is a trio of teens from the Alpharetta area. These 13 and 14 year olds play jazz-inspired alternative songs with their own unique flair. Check out their Facebook page for a preview of these amazing young musicians.

2:30-3:00  M.O.M.S. All Star Band
Music On Main Street in Lilburn brings together kids from ages 10-18 to learn to play music, and we are so blessed that they will be  coming to share with us their energy, love, and talent.

3:15-4:00  My Imaginary Band
A local group of folks who have been playing rock’n’roll and alternative tunes for us for years . . . It wouldn’t be the same without them!

4:15-5:15  The Atlanta Rock n’ Roll Allstars
Like visitors from a bygone era, this group of young gifted musicians will take us back to a time of Motown, Rhythm and Blues, and sounds that will swoon you to the moon. Check out their Facebook page.

5:30-6:30  Cledus Jeremiah Jones and the Spirit Bones
Fronted by Candler Park’s own CJ Jones, this is an eclectic outfit out of the Commander Cody textbook of music. You’ll be rockin’ and hoppin’ to their infectious Americana sound (cledusjeremiahjones.com).

6:45-7:30  Sensua Players
The Sensua Players perform West African djembe drumming and hold classes for the community at large.  We are so lucky to have them back as a ritual for our gathering. Check out their Facebook page.

7:45-9:15  Ralph Roddenbery and The Jones
“The Ralph Roddenbery Band is a dynamic blend of Americana, roots rock and a twist of the blues.  By combining four part harmonies with energizing riffs, captivating lyrics, remarkable stage presence and a driving rhythm section, RRB is able to connect with the audience in a way that makes them feel as if they are having a one on one conversation about life.”  Get ready to dance!  (www.ralphroddenbery.com)

9:30-11:00  Ari and the Alibis
Infusing funk, jazz and samba with blues, soul and rock, Ari and the Alibis have created a memorable ear-catching sound. They come to Atlanta from Tampa Bay, Florida. We are so excited that they are traveling to treat us to their high-energy music (ariandthealibis.com).

  tree & stage

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The Lake Claire Community Land Trust is a green oasis in the heart of Atlanta. But it is more than a place; it is also the community of neighbors and friends who gather here to celebrate nature, the arts, and each other. Come and visit!

Please check our calendar for upcoming events. Fundraisers and volunteer days offer frequent opportunities to lend your support. Becoming a member helps to sustain both our greenspace and our community. Joining one or more of our email lists will help you stay in touch. Donations are welcome via our Paypal link, our P.O. Box, or the chute at the main entrance. Get involved!

REMEMBER THE SNOW? Neighbor Kate Emery’s painting of the Land Trust on Jan. 28, 2014, is available as a matted print, ready for framing, and on men’s and women’s T-shirts. View the painting here, and get your print or T-shirt at our next event. (Thanks, Kate!)

“When I moved to Lake Claire, I didn’t know how I would fit into this neighborhood – I needed to make new friends, build a new life. Soon I felt I was living in a real community, where people know each other by name and are involved in shared activities. Then I realized that the community is centered in the Land Trust.” – a new neighbor

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