Celebrating Nature, Community and the Arts

Peace & Love Spring Fest, April 12 (details here)


2014 EVENT SCHEDULE now finalized! (here)

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Land Trust Supporter by donating $10  (details here)

New neighbor Kate Emery’s painting of the Land Trust on Jan. 28 will soon be available as a matted print, ready for framing. We hope to have T-shirts ready for the Festival. View the painting here. (Thanks, Kate!)

The Lake Claire Community Land Trust is a green oasis in the heart of Atlanta. But it is more than a place; it is also the community of neighbors and friends who gather here to celebrate nature, the arts, and each other. Come and visit!

Please check our calendar for upcoming events. Fundraisers and volunteer days offer frequent opportunities to lend your support. Becoming a member helps to sustain both our greenspace and our community. Joining one or more of our email lists will help you stay in touch. Donations are welcome via our Paypal link, our P.O. Box, or the chute at the main entrance. Get involved!

NOTE: The Land Trust is closed at dark, except on event nights.

“When I moved to Lake Claire, I didn’t know how I would fit into this neighborhood – I needed to make new friends, build a new life. Soon I felt I was living in a real community, where people know each other by name and are involved in shared activities. Then I realized that the community is centered in the Land Trust.” – a new neighbor

Read about our new logo here.

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