The Land Trust was created entirely by volunteers. Everyone who enjoys the Land Trust is invited to take part in this labor of love, from picking up litter to serving on a committee or the Board of Directors. You’ll have more fun if you pitch in and help!

Community Work Days are held several times a year on a Sunday afternoon – this year, April 9, July 23, and Oct. 15. Pizza is provided when we finish. Bring work gloves, drinking water and your good energy. For more information, email grounds@lcclt.org, or sign up to be notified of upcoming events by emailing info@lcclt.org.

Fundraisers happen several times a year. Volunteers are needed for our annual Peace & Love Festival and Memorial Day fundraisers, among other events, from publicity to cleanup. To join the volunteer list, email Events@lcclt.org.

Committees are open to anyone who wants to participate. Check each committee’s page for upcoming meeting times and places, minutes of past meetings, etc.

Board of Directors meetings are also open. Check the calendar, show up and get involved!

The Land Trust is an approved site for Community Service work, whether assigned by schools or court-mandated. Contact us for more info.

“Thank you for all you do to provide a loving and supportive environment for all ages in the heart of Atlanta! I greatly appreciate all you do!” – Diana Beach