Your contributions are what makes the magic possible! A donation of $10 per year makes you a Land Trust Supporter. Your support helps to cover our ongoing operational costs – insurance, utilities, maintenance, and improvements. Our goal is to reach 100 Supporters in 2014.

Use Paypal or your credit card via the links below, or email a donation to You can also mail a check to “LCCLT,” 270 Arizona Ave., Atlanta GA 30307, or drop either cash or check in the chute in our bulletin board.

Larger donations are also welcome. You can even set up a monthly contribution. Click “Donate” to make a one-time contribution, “Subscribe” to make it monthly, or the second “Subscribe” to set up your annual donations in advance. LCCLT is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, so your contributions are tax deductible.

Becoming a Supporter entitles you to a free bumper sticker (pictured above.) Email your address to so we can send you your sticker and add you to our “Events” email list. Many thanks!

Monthly Support Options

Yearly Support Options

“Unfortunately we couldn’t be at Fall Fest but we want to support the Land Trust the way it supports us every day. We couldn’t tolerate life in Atlanta without having the relaxed green space and spirit of LCCLT in our daily routine. Thanks unending to the dreamers and visionaries who made it happen, and to the caretakers, guardians, spirits, builders, and volunteers who keep it going and growing.”Maureen and Larry, Mathews Ave.

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