Planning Committee

The Planning Committee meets as needed to plan all Land Trust projects and programs not covered by the Grounds and Events committees, with a particular focus on fundraising. All are welcome at our meetings.

Contact us with any questions, suggestions for projects, or offers of tools or expertise.



The Planning Committee of the Lake Claire Community Land Trust (Land Trust) shall be responsible for the discussion and vetting of action steps, and execution of said steps, that further board-approved goals such as those contained in the current business plan, or those associated with grant benchmarks. The committee may also discuss and vet proposed goals and actions not already part of board-approved goals, so as to report or make recommendation thereon to the full board. The committee is responsible for reviewing all proposals for action falling outside the express purview of the other board committees. The committee is empowered to make expenditures associated with action steps furthering board-approved goals so long as they do not constitute “major decisions” as defined in Land Trust by laws. The committee will discuss and consider governance and fundraising matters as they pertain to achieving action steps and will do so in conjunction with other committees as appropriate. The committee will meet as needed, or as directed by the Board. Committee membership should include the Land Trust President and Treasurer.

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