Events Committee

The Events Committee meets as needed to schedule and plan all Land Trust-sponsored events, and to consider event proposals and scheduling requests from members of our community. All are welcome at our meetings, especially neighbors who may be impacted by these events.

Major annual events include our Spring and Fall fundraisers, the Memorial Day street sale and dance, the Easter Egg hunt, July 4th potluck, Halloween pumpkin-carving, etc. Please get in touch if you have any input or feedback on these community gatherings or wish to propose a family-size gathering of your own.

Note that our calendar for the year is full; we cannot add any large or loud events. View it here. For the sake of our neighbors, we have made a commitment to one quiet weekend per month, and our lack of parking makes it impractical for us to serve as a venue for large events even if amplified music is not involved. Small family-size gatherings are another matter; get in touch!

Contact: Miriam Herbers


The Events Committee of the Lake Claire Community Land Trust is responsible for sanctioning events on the Land Trust that are in keeping with the mission of the Land Trust; maintaining the Land Trust Calendar; receiving requests by groups or individuals asking to have events at the Land Trust, and either giving approval or disallowing the requested event. The Committee will provide written guidelines to event organizers and obtain a signed Event Agreement for large events. Our pledge is to ensure that the Land Trust has one quiet weekend per month by allowing only one event with amplification each month. The Committee will also help to organize Land Trust events and maintain policies for events on the Land Trust.

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