Communications Committee

The Communications Committee meets as needed to cover all aspects of communication between the Land Trust, its extended community, and the world at large. Our work includes this web site, our physical bulletin board, email broadcasts, brochures, posters and flyers, monthly articles for the Lake Claire Clarion, and more. All are welcome at our meetings.

Our focus at present is our new website design. Please get in touch if you have feedback on our efforts, or any expertise to offer!

Contact: Stephen Wing


The Communications Committee of the Lake Claire Community Land Trust (Land Trust) is responsible for facilitating communication between the Land Trust Board and its committees, and with the public. The Committee’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, maintaining the Bulletin Board, Website, Facebook page, and various listservs; preparing the monthly Land Trust update for our neighborhood newsletter, the Clarion, and handling other necessary media contacts; publishing newsletters, flyers, brochures etc. as needed; and any other interfaces with the public requested by the Board and the other committees, or required by their activities. A particular focus is outreach to immediate neighbors of the Land Trust and to the surrounding neighborhoods. The Committee will not meet on a regular basis, but only as needed, in order to free our members to attend other committee meetings and make sure their communication needs are covered.

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