How To Build A Land Trust

Join with neighbors to purchase and maintain property within walking distance for recreational and educational use.
Plant a community garden.
Build a community Sweat Lodge.
Provide a large community sand pile.
Hang a swing from a Tree.
Organize a Halloween neighborhood pumpkin carving party.
Provide an opportunity for kids to interact with animals.
Plant a community orchard and vineyard.
Build a community water garden.
Construct picnic tables and gazebos.
Organize cooking contests.
Meet with neighbors regularly to address problems in your community.
Help a lost animal.
Hire neighborhood kids for odd jobs.
Open your curtains.
Promote a biweekly drum circle and bonfire.
Try to understand an angry neighbor.
Provide a safe haven for teenagers to hang out.
Encourage neighborhood collaborations.
Pick up litter.
Drive slowly on residential streets.
Ride a bike.
Promote cul-de-sacs and cultivate pedestrian traffic.
Celebrate the seasons.
Provide wildlife habitat for birds and animals.
Work with your neighbors.
Build a community performance stage.
Organize regular pot luck gatherings.
Start an online neighborhood discussion group.
Encourage neighborhood music jams.
Facilitate occasional neighborhood music festivals and street dances.
Start a philanthropic fund to assist neighbors in need.
Help neighbors in need.
Support neighborhood businesses.
Play together.
Greet your neighbors when you are walking.
Stop and talk.
Support activities for kids and young adults.
Pick up litter.
Plant seeds.
Pull Weeds.

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