Keep the Peace & Love!

It is the policy of the Land Trust for its members or anyone representing the Land Trust, whether paid or volunteer, to be courteous and respectful at all times.

Whenever anyone is observed being rude or disrespectful of persons or rules, and continues this behavior after a courteous and respectful request to stop or leave has been made, then additional neighbors should be engaged to support the effort to have the offender agree to leave. No aggressive behavior will be tolerated here. Calling the police should remain an option.

The Land Trust is open to those who respect its rules. Previous personal disagreements with a person should not be continued on the Land Trust.

– The Events Committee

“I’m so grateful to know that there is a place 5 minutes from my house where I can re-connect with nature and re-charge. It is an example of a perfect urban green space, it should be a model for the nation!” – Naruna Rangel