About the Land Trust

is located five minutes from downtown Atlanta in a wonderful eclectic neighborhood within easy reach of Little Five Points, Candler Park, Decatur, Emory University and Agnes Scott College.

Arriving by MARTA
From Edgewood/Candler Park MARTA station (Blue Line), cross pedestrian bridge over Dekalb Ave. Turn east on Dekalb and walk approx. 1/2 mile to Nelms Ave., one block past Clifton Rd. Cross Nelms and turn left on diagonal path up the hill. Welcome!

CLOSED AT DARK (except during scheduled events)

“When I moved to Lake Claire, I didn’t know how I would fit into this neighborhood — I needed to make new friends, build a new life. Soon I felt I was living in a real community, where people know each other by name and are involved in shared activities. Then I realized that the community is centered in the Land Trust.” — A New Neighbor

The Lake Claire Community Land Trust (LCCLT) was founded by a group of visionary neighbors in 1983. Three years later they bought 1.5 acres of red clay covered with trash and kudzu from MARTA, with the intention of creating a “greenspace” for community use and enhancement. With time, love, and lots of hard work, it has evolved into the wonderful haven it is today.

The original group of neighbors has expanded over the years as their efforts drew new people into the Land Trust community. In 2008, the IRS officially granted us 501(c)3 nonprofit status. In 2009, a grant helped us expand to include the pond next door. In 2012 we set up a Conservation Easement to permanently protect the land.

People come to garden, walk their dogs, play with their kids on the playground, visit Big Lou the Emu, enjoy the greenspace, the sun-sets and the magnificent trees, and celebrate community through festivals, drum circles, saunas, and sharing food. Our neighbors are welcome and encouraged to enjoy the Land Trust gardens, walkways and play areas.

Visitors from farther away are also welcome, but we encourage you to follow our example and build community in your own neighborhood rather than to further impact the environment by traveling here often. We’ll be happy to share our knowledge and experience to assist you as much as we can. Every neighborhood needs a Land Trust!

In the Beginning . . . click here for a trip back in time to the origins of the Land Trust, as chronicled by a founding trustee.