New Community Work Day schedule

Expanded Opportunity at the Land Trust!

Community Work Days Now Monthly

The Land Trust needs your help to stay beautiful! You may have noticed the morning glory and air potato vines taking over, among other invasives. We even have a fresh patch of kudzu. At our August board meeting, we decided to switch from a quarterly Community Work Day to monthly – the 3rd Saturday of every month, starting at 3:00 pm. At 6:00, we will knock off for pizza. At dusk, around 7:00, the drum circle begins. (From March to September, all of this will happen an hour later.)

This month’s Community Work Day will be Saturday, October 21, 3:00 to 6:00 pm. Note that our calendar postcard for 2017 lists a quarterly work day on Sunday, October 15. That one is now canceled and replaced with the new monthly one the following weekend.

For years, our work days were timed for the day after each drum circle on the theory that announcing it the night before would keep it fresh in people’s minds. But twice a month was a little too often, and as drum circle attendance declined it made less sense. Our next experiment was holding a work day each season. Spring and summer work days were dedicated to prepping the land for our two music festivals. This was necessary work, but left too much undone in these two crucial seasons, and by fall we were way behind on basic maintenance. We hope the switch to a monthly work day will strike the right balance to attract some willing volunteers on a regular basis.

A 1.7 acre greenspace needs lots of loving attention. Some basic maintenance is handled by paid labor, like mowing and dealing with trash and recycling. We also pay for expertise when needed, such as weeding the native trees and grasses on the Dekalb hillside. But as anyone can see, we need more hands and bodies actively engaged in holding back the jungle.

In addition to clearing vines and pulling invasive weeds, ongoing tasks include spreading wheelbarrow-loads of wood chips on the paths to avoid a muddy mess when it rains. Right now our backlog also includes repairs to fences, rebuilding stairways, and building a tool shed. Picnic tables, chairs, and gazebos need occasional fresh coats of stain. Our plumbing and electrical volunteers could use knowledgeable assistance and, eventually, an apprentice or two.

The Land Trust’s founders and board members are growing older and looking to the future. We see droves of young people and families visiting and enjoying the land. They might not realize that what they’re enjoying is the result of countless hours of hard work, almost all of it done by volunteers for the sheer pleasure of watching the beauty of this place unfold. If they have never experienced it themselves, they might not know how deep and rewarding that pleasure can be. We are thrilled to provide an opportunity for all our visitors to learn the joys of giving back in return for nature’s gifts.

Someday we will be gone and it is a comfort to know that others are adopting this land as we have done – not just as a place to visit, but as a place where they have invested their time, sweat, and love. Working together on a worthwhile project is fun and rewarding – try it! The more you pitch in and help, the more you are the community in our name!

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