Atlanta Stands with Standing Rock, Jan. 7

Sorry, this event has been canceled. Stay tuned for new date.


Join us on Saturday, Jan. 7, to support the Water Protectors in North Dakota! “Atlanta Stands with Standing Rock” is a fundraiser to benefit the resistance to the North Dakota Access Pipeline. We will be hosting a day of prayer, with traditional Native drumming and singing, followed by a brief meditation, then a potluck supper. There is no charge to attend, but we will be accepting donations to send directly to Standing Rock. Artists and craftspeople will also be selling donated pieces of art.

The event starts at 2:00 pm and will continue until sundown, when the Land Trust drum circle begins. We will have a warm fire in the firepit, and the Gorilla Grill will be heated for the occasion as well. Hot beverages will be available. Please bring a dish to contribute to the meal, which will be served inside the Grill. Don’t forget to bring plates, cups and utensils to minimize waste.

“Atlanta Stands with Standing Rock” is not sponsored by any organization, though I and some of the other volunteers are members of the Soul Medicine Tribe, made up of people from all backgrounds. Our medicine woman is Creek and Cherokee, and we are currently getting membership to the Oklevueha chapter of the Native American Church.  We believe that this tribe is helping to fulfill the Rainbow Clan prophecy, which is that when people of all races and backgrounds come together to learn the Native traditions, we will restore peace to the land.

Because the Land Trust is in a neighborhood, we encourage carpooling to avoid overwhelming the local streets. The Land Trust is about half a mile east of the Edgewood/Candler Park MARTA station. If you drive, be respectful of the surrounding houses by not speeding or parking in front of driveways. Passengers may disembark in the Arizona Ave. cul-de-sac, but parking there is reserved for residents. Please park at Clifton Sanctuary, 369 Connecticut Ave., on the corner of McLendon. Let’s show our gratitude to the Land Trust by treating it with respect and love.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please pm or email Elyse O’Barr at Thank you so much for your interest, we look forward to seeing you! A’ho! Mitakuye oyasin.

For those who have not been following the story . . .

Lakota resisters and thousands of supporters have been camping near the Standing Rock reservation in the path of the nearly complete North Dakota Access Pipeline. The oil pipeline is projected to tunnel under the Missouri River, endangering the river and millions of people who depend on it for drinking water, including the Standing Rock tribes. Also at risk is the Ogallala Aquifer, which underlies millions of acres of Midwestern farmland. A recent pipeline rupture in Alabama – and an even more recent one in North Dakota, 150 miles from the encampment, on Dec. 14 – reinforce the protesters’ concerns. As winter closes in, the encampment has swelled to 20,000 people, including representatives of over a hundred Native nations; the federal government has canceled the pipeline’s permit to go under the river; and the pipeline’s contractors have announced they will begin tunneling anyway.


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