Love Your Shiitakes! workshop, Sat. Nov. 21

LOVE YOUR SHIITAKES! Mushroom-Growing Workshop
Saturday, Nov. 21, 11:00 am-2:00 pm
with instructor Juan Burgos
($10 donation, $20 per inoculated logs)

Learn everything you need to know to grow Shiitake Mushrooms! All tools and materials provided. Take home an inoculated log for $20.

Like any house plant, Shiitake Mushrooms grow better if you talk to them, sing to them, or play music for them. Participants are encouraged to bring a small hand drum for this purpose.

About the instructor: For the past 3 years, Juan Burgos worked at Coldwater Gardens, a 350-acre organic farm and resort in Milton, Florida. His primary responsibility there was mushroom cultivation. He re-located to Atlanta this year.

For more information, contact Juan at 850-417-4396.

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