Food, Clothing & Shelter Fest, May 9

The 1st annual


Saturday, May 9, 12:00 noon at the Land Trust

“Street journalist” and filmmaker Ebrima Ba is a native African who was amazed to find that many people in the U.S. go hungry because they do not know how to grow food. His 40-minute documentary Food, Clothing & Shelter is the result. The film highlights the lack of food security in Atlanta and around the world. “Any community of people that depends or relies on handouts or aid from others will lose its self-worth and dignity,” Ebrima says. In addition to educating people about the issue, he has also founded an urban farm in Stone Mountain.

Next on Ebrima’s agenda: an annual festival that celebrates life and the three basic human necessities. The first annual Food, Clothing & Shelter Fest on May 9 will feature classes on how to make your own clothes and shelter. You can also learn from local farmers how to grow your own food. Locally grown food will be available for sampling.

The festival’s keynote speakers will be Rashid Nuri and Eugene Cooke. Rashid Nuri is the founder of Truly Living Well Farm in the Old Fourth Ward, a nationally recognized leader in natural urban agriculture. Eugene Alala Cooke is the author of Grow Where You Are and co-founder of the Good Shepherd AgroEcology Center in the West End, an “urban ecological restoration prototype” working to improve community food sovereignty and justice. Dr.William Richardson of the Atlanta Clinic of Preventive Medicine will also be speaking on health and wellness.

During the day we will also hear some of the best local bands in Atlanta on the Land Trust stage. The performers will include Kebbi Williams and the Wolfpack, Musiki Scales, Maestro the Vocalinist, and many more. The festival will be hosted by Wanique Shabbazz, Director of Operations for WRFG-FM, and Ajzah Netjer-Simons, Board President of Sevananda Natural Foods Market.

The Festival will kick off a crowdfunding effort to finance a sequel to Ebrima’s film, which is now in production. Come learn, share, enjoy, and support the cause of local organic food and food awareness in metro Atlanta.


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