Earth Poetry Winter Workshop, Feb. 28

with Stephen Wing
Saturday, Feb. 28
11:00 am – 1:00 pm
at the Land Trust

Oneness with nature is a prominent theme among poets from prehistoric times till today. “Earth Poetry” is poetry not about nature, but about our relationship with nature as participants in a living world. In an age of widespread alienation from nature, it is one way to re-connect to our beautiful home planet.

A small group of poets has been meeting every season at Oakhurst Community Garden to deepen our relationship with nature through the art of poetry. Last fall, we left the Garden and set out on a pilgrimage to experience other wild, green corners of Atlanta.
Join us this time at the Lake Claire Community Land Trust. Bring poetry to share, your own or a favorite poet’s. Then we’ll split up and wander, gathering inspirations and observations, and come back together to talk or write. We will crank up the wood stove in the Gorilla Grill and have a warm refuge if it’s a chilly day.

Please spread the word to active or aspiring poets, and join us if you’re so inspired! (Donations welcome but not required.) For more information, click here.

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