Memorial Day Cul-de-Sac Sale, May 24-25

Dear Land Trust community –

Our Memorial Day Cul-de-Sac Sale is coming up on Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, from 9 to 5 both days. This a long tradition and always a lot of fun.

In addition to filling the cul-de-sac with tables loaded with treasure, we’ll have music, a Bake Sale, and burgers and dogs (meat and veggie) grilled while you wait. And on Sunday at 5:00 pm, the neighborhood band Webster will play a free concert on our stage.

You can help by donating any unneeded and saleable items. Drop your donations off any time on the front porch of either 300 or 306 Arizona Ave., or just bring them to the cul-de-sac on Friday evening. Get in touch if you need us to come pick up larger items: or 404-378-6815.

We’ll also need help setting up the sale on Friday evening (May 23), and packing the leftovers up on Monday morning (not Sunday afternoon as originally stated). Get in touch to volunteer, or just show up.

Spread the word: knickknacks needed!  Help keep your local greenspace in the black! Thanks for your support. (See our article in the May Clarion below.)


Return of the Memorial Day Cul-De-Sac Sale!

by Stephen Wing

I felt like Yul Brynner in The Magnificent Seven: one by one, gathering a stalwart crew of heroes to take on an impossible challenge. Most of my heroes are retired ladies, old enough to actually remember The Magnificent Seven. But they all know what they’re getting into. They have been taking on the challenge of the sometimes-annual Land Trust Memorial Day Cul-de-Sac Sale since years before I moved to the neighborhood in 1993. But until they stepped up, this year’s event was still a question mark on the Land Trust calendar.

To the naked eye, it appears to be an ordinary fundraising event for a normal, typical, everyday neighborhood greenspace. But to those on the inside, the folks who show up and make it happen, its inner esoteric essence is revealed. This is the kind of challenge that turns a motley gang of heroes into a disciplined, focused precision unit. Not a gun-toting one like the Magnificent Seven, though. More like the Seven Dwarfs.

In a word, working together on a mutually beneficial project is the magic that builds community – what the scholars of intentional community call “community glue.” So what if our community is not so intentional? We can still whistle while we work.

Luckily, we’re not limited to seven heroes, or Seven Dwarfs. You too can pitch in and help make this year’s Cul-de-Sac Sale a success! Sure, we could do it without you. But we’d rather not. Please join us to support the Land Trust, experience the magic, and keep our community tightly glued together.

Of course, the most important way to help is also the easiest. Go shopping in your closet, and donate stuff for us to sell! We’ll take your outgrown clothing and toys, your no-longer-needed craft supplies and cookware, your never-wanted-in-the-first-place knickknacks and garden tools, your once-favorite-but-long-unopened books and CDs, and of course, your always-intended-to-be-used-but-lost-in-the-basement sports gear and school supplies.

Just make sure it’s still in decent shape and still works, whatever it is, pack it in a box, if it fits, and drop it off on the front porch at either 300 or 306 Arizona Ave. (Watch for signs.) Please bring large appliances and furniture during set-up on Friday afternoon. If you need us to arrange pickup, contact us at or 404-378-6815. You can also bake something for our Bake Sale table, a traditional sideshow at the Memorial Day circus.

Next comes the set-up on Friday evening, May 23. If you think going out bar-hopping or downloading a movie is a great way to celebrate the end of your work week, you’ve never experienced the Christmas-morning frenzy of unpacking dozens of boxes and getting hundreds of random objects attractively spread out, if not quite organized, on huge plywood tables and clothing racks before it gets too dark to see. No advance commitment required; just show up at the cul-de-sac and join right in.

On Saturday and Sunday, all you have to do to help is stroll down to the cul-de-sac and take a look. Bring along a little cash, just in case. You never know what will show up among the bric-a-brac. For fifty cents, you could be the proud owner of the exact vintage comic you’ve been searching for to complete your Daredevil collection, or some unlikely item you never heard of or imagined until you found it lurking on one of our makeshift tables. The sale will be open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm both days.

We’ll be firing up the grill and serving burgers and dogs, both meat and veggie, along with catered music.

Finally, on Sunday afternoon, the biggest challenge of all: packing up the leftovers. We donate what doesn’t sell to Second Life in Avondale, a thrift shop that dedicates its profits to helping homeless pets find homes. If you can’t volunteer earlier in the weekend, or if you still have a little energy left, please come back and help disappear every trace of our fun, leaving nothing behind in the cul-de-sac except empty pavement and reverberating vibrations of all the happy shoppers and helpful volunteers who made it such a fabulous weekend.

Cancel that Mediterranean cruise or mountaineering expedition, postpone that briefing at the White House, re-schedule your live appearance at Caesar’s Palace. Whatever you do, don’t miss it! Contact us at if you’d like more information. Or just show up and help make it happen.

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