Introducing our new logo!

Roger Swift, a professional graphic designer and longtime Land Trust lover, won our Logo Contest with this design. He submitted a short essay with his entry describing how he arrived at the concept behind the design.

Interestingly, several other artists who entered the contest used the same symbolic elements of Tree and Swing. Their work was also excellent, and will not go to waste – we intend to use all the artwork submitted for future Land Trust projects. Congratulations, Roger, and thanks to all who entered! It was truly a tough call for the Board.

A comprehensive view of Roger’s creative projects can be seen by visiting his new web site at

Here is Roger’s essay:

– peace/ activism/ education/ awareness
Clearly, the logo needs to symbolically convey the spirit of the Land Trust. The icon needs to be quickly recognizable, versatile and scale adaptable to multiple media uses (i.e. web site, newspapers, T-shirts, hats, posters, flyers, etc.) To do so requires distilling the cacophony of
– tree (after all, it is a “land trust” first, with care of the earth the original intent as well as the history of tree protection in Lake Claire)

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