Ten Rain Barrels Donated; Gutters Installed

Rain BarrelsOn July 31, 2010, the Lake Claire Community Land Trust and the City of Atlanta’s Department of Watershed Management co-hosted a rain barrel workshop at the Land Trust’s gazebo. For $45, participants received all the necessary materials to assemble and paint their own rain barrels. Sixteen neighbors attended, several just to gain the experience and knowledge, filling in for someone who could not attend but wanted to donate a barrel to the Land Trust. Eighteen barrels were made, 10 of which were donated.

The next two Land Trust work days, on August 8 and 22, were devoted to putting up gutters on the Land Trust’s various roofs – the Gorilla Grill, the restroom, the stage, and the storage shed – to put the donated barrels to work. Most of them are now attached to downspouts. Future work days will include installing underground water lines to drain the barrels. The finished system will provide much-needed irrigation water for the garden areas, supplementing the 1600-gallon holding tank which is filled by the solar-powered pump in our well . . . except when it rains.

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