Our Intention

The mission of the LCCLT is to maintain a local green space in the Lake Claire community of Atlanta where neighbors and the larger community can gather to cultivate and celebrate nature, the arts, and each other.

Our idyllic community-owned green space in the heart of the city is ideal for outdoor activities, meetings, classes, camps and fund-raisers and furthers the Land Trust  educational, recreational, and charitable goals. Our bucolic venue can also provide community groups and stakeholders with a means to fulfill some of  their own program goals.  Programs sponsored or hosted by the LCCLT shall seek to promote and reflect deep respect for nature, the arts, the ecosystem, local empowerment, local food,  and education.

The LT fulfills its mission by progressively enhancing and maintaining the existing green space, expanding our holdings where possible via acquisitions, conducting or sponsoring classes & training for adults and youth in gardening, beekeeping, camps etc. and by allowing outside groups to use our venue to further their own arts or educational goals.  Costs, comprised mainly of taxes, insurance, line of credit, utilities, and maintenance, have been covered primarily through donations and fund raisers.  We strive to use renewable or local resources where possible such as well water and solar power generation.  There has always been a charitable element to our operation, such as donation of backyards to enlarge the space, donation of excess produce et al to the wider community, special purpose fund-raising, and offering facilities at low or no cost to community groups with missions we support such as 2008’s summer’s day camp for low income kids.

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